viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

Christmas storms and sunshine

Christmas storms and sunshine, a story that you think is going to be based in christmas integration as a group sharing,happiness, forgiveness. Instead these relates us and began with a problem between two families for a different concept of ideas in their news paper. Until a biger problem is show in story, were the health of the baby is been afected ; finally in these part of the story they began to show commitment with these situation, doing all the posible things as a group to help, and safe the life of the baby if it wasnt for these big problem situated , these families would continue with their constant problem that would never got to a conclusion or forgiveness, for a lot of disrespectful acts that each families had towards the other one.
In a society were a lot of people have different ideas, there is were for obligation the respect is the principal value that has to be teach and show to everyone no matter the age. These is obviously not show at the begining of the story for eachs families, and something not difficult to understand because they clearly are their only competition in the area of writing; but to take these porblem to their homes. Not just by saying that one of these families is the problematic , because they both are. Not just their different concept of ideas was the problem, because they also were neighbors with problems; getting to the point of making evil things among them .
Its easy to say that these problem is resolve with talking, but is not true because they have a lot of hate and competition between them, that their ideas crash, making them fight more and have an other problem to solve. Instead of these that did not happen, they had to wait in the sotory that the other one need the help, in a critical way; in these case the baby Tom from the Hodgson’s family was the one that had a sickness, that in that time was killing a lot of babys. After the Jenkins seeing these critical problem they decided to help the Hodgson and contributed with the healing of the baby; that was cure. Both families decided to solve their problems in christmas and forgive the bad acts that they had, they eat dinner as a united family.
The theme that theses story let us was “forgiveness”; after seen these both families fighting for a long time and with real reasons to fight; been united to solve a big problem and eating dinner together in a way of thankful and a feeling of satisfaction, because they finally solved their problems; these finally teach both families that no matter the problem you have with the other one, when you have or need help; you have to ask for, or give to someone that needs the help.
Considering that in order to live in a enviroment full of happiness and love, first you have to know that are many people around you, as the story says these two families did not like each other; but they where not happy, because always they were thinking if the other family was going to do something bad, getting to frustated both of the families. These is why you have to be respectful, tolerant, and have a full comunication with the others around; been tolerant with their ideas, and they also would respect yours. 

To conclude we have to take a lesson from these story and improve the values not just with our family; with everyone around us, in order to be a happy and united community that helps and works as a group, for the good of everyone; tolerating that everyone have different ideas that should be respected like the ones that you have.

miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019

The Lady of shallot

In order to begin with what characters have the values of caring and patience in the story of “The Lady of Shallot” we must know what the definition of these two very important values are. Lets start with the value of Patience. Patience is the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. It is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. Caring is when you show or feel kindness, appreciation, concern, or worry towards someone or something. When you care it makes the other person feel special. Now i believe that in the story, the lady of Shallot’s character has the value of patience until a  point in the story. But she does not show the value of care even though sir Lancelot shows that he cares throughout the ending of this story. The lady of Shallot suffers a lot in the tower she was imprisoned in. She is kept in there for a long time doing nothing else rather than weaving a magical web with colours all day long. She was cursed, she could not look into the outside world or the mysterious curse that was put on her would be activated. She used to look and be updated on what was happening outside by a mirror that reflects everything. Other than that there was no other way, she could not look directly into the real life. She did not know what consequences the curse brought onto her. For me, the lady of shallot had a lot of patience throughout the story until one day she could not handle it anymore. Her curiosity came in the way and she had to look outside onto the real life world; and the cause of her action was a man named sir Lancelot. The moment this man passed by she was captivated by him and his charm. He rode a horse on his way down the river and since the lady of shallot wanted to experience something real, she looked directly into Camelot, a place near the island of Shallot. And the mysterious curse happened, the mirror broke and the magical web she was weaving flew onto thin air and left the window. She ran outside with no care in the world and got into a boat. At this moment it is why i mentioned that she is not caring because she knew that the consequences to her action were big but went on with it anyway. She wore a lo g white dress as she rowed down the river until she froze dead. The weather was very stormy and windy that she could not handle it. Sir lancelot came to find out what happened, he got closer to see who the woman laying there in the boat was and found the lady of shallot lying there without a sound. He showed care when he stopped what he was doing to help the woman only to come and find out she was dead.

jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2018



How are the values of justice and fairness related to this proposal? Justice for each one has different types of meaning; justice keeps everything fair according to the “rules”, and fairness is almost the same as justice, only that fairness looks more for making judgments that are free from discrimination. These values are seen reflected in the proposal when Jonathan (the author) goes, and puts on the place of the poor people in Ireland; began to walk all the zone, describing what he sees. Jonathan had the intention of making a proposal, and tried to bring equality and balance; as the story goes on, his real intention was never to help the society; What he wanted was to do the best for the country, no matter the circumstance. These is why in his proposal he puts, that as poor families are the ones that have four children maximum ; they should sell their children, because when they grow, they are going to be the same as their fathers; these is why he said that the poor families should sell their children’s; to be de food of the rich people; An act with lack of fairness for these children’s that wouldn’t have the chance to improve or make a change in their life, at the same time most of these proposal is not justice and fair, mainly with the poor people; that are the ones  affected by these. The Rich people doesn’t have in mind, or try ta help the poor ones. Jonathan doesn’t demonstrate this kind of values; he thinks that as the kinds are going to be the center of the economy for the poor people, the husbands are going to take more care of their wife’s, the woman’s will give more food, and treed the children’s well.
Is not a good proposal, or just thinking on that; killing some babies to give them for food, and this way and the overpopulation; but this is going to continue because they are just killing babies from one year, so it will be kind as market, that will continue with the overpopulation; and in a extremely case end with all the money; with out been invest in the country better. At the end Jonathan says that he never had a family and think in having one; so maybe this is why he doesn’t really feel what is losing an important member of your family, specially if it is your son.

jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2018

Thankful and tustworthiness in the diary of Samuel Pepys

                             The diary of Samuel Pepys


The diary of Samuel Pepys, and how are the values of thankful and trustworthiness related with these. When someone is Thankful, they are very happy and relieved that something has happened. And when you are trustworthiness, is been worthy of being trusted; honest, reliable, or dependable. At the beginning of the diary we can see how Samuel Pepys writes about how happy he is for been in those important moments, mainly in the coronation of the king, also he writes that he feel happy with all the things that he have , these it looks a little materialistic, but is not true, because the things that he had and the high position in which he was, were the merit of his effort. He also writes about how he is in complete love with his wife, and how happy it makes him when she cooks for him; he contradicts himself by writing that he was with other girls, but that he only loved his wife. These makes him a person with out trustworthiness; we have also to realize, that what we are reading, it was only for his personal use, and not for the public. If no one in that time had reed his diary, they wouldn’t have any form of knowing all the bad acts that he committed. In the way he writes we can see that he is a thankful and trustworthiness men for the king. In the diary we can also see that he wrote when London was in fire and all the people of the town was helping each other, and trying to safe everyone; and he didn’t do anything, he was just watching because he was not affected.
No one didn’t know about his bad acts, he only wrote for him, been completely honest; believing that nobody would read his diary. These makes him a trustworthiness man to the eyes of the people. Samuel Pepys really was a man to admire for all his hard work, and good acts that he did, getting away the bad ones.

miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2018

What virtues most have people to make earth a better place.

Today, we see how the world, science and humanity itself is transformed according to constant modernization. However, something that prevails with the years is the innate need of man to preserve those values and social virtues that can strengthen this process, in the midst of peaceful, healthy and sustainable relationships among humanity. And it is at this point, where we see the family, as the first place where the human being is born and develops. It is there where everyone gets, educates and lives those values and virtues that enable a harmonious development of personality, favoring the growth of socially and emotionally stable people. But what are those actions that determine if a person has virtues that favor the common welfare of a society, and make the world a better place to live? .

First, we must know that values are criteria or norms that guide human behavior in the personal, family, work and social, which facilitate interpersonal relationships. And the permanent practice of these values is transformed into virtues, since, they are entrenched in the consciousness of the person. The virtues are the usual repetition of a set of positive actions, which are learned and manifested voluntarily and involuntarily and allows the person to do good for themselves and others and give their best in each activity or task they perform . 

The virtues cater to the need of man to achieve perfection and excellence, so it can be said that the virtues are innate qualities that develop during the life of the person. The permanent practice of the virtues transforms the individual into an integral person, since these are rooted and are part of the personality of the individual 

Some of these the acts that allow the healthy coexistence between human beings, as well as those that favor human relationships can be: 

Acceptance, is the ability to recognize, despite not being perfect, that we are valuable and worthy of being loved and respected by others and by ourselves. 

Patience is the ability you have to know how to wait in a correct way, without losing your calm. It is a skill that is acquired progressively with the passage of time. 

Prudence is the ability to think and reflect before acting. The person knows that their words and actions have positive and / or negative consequences. it prevents us from behaving in an unreflective and impulsive way in multiple situations. 

Gratitude is a virtue of nobility, kindness, generosity and recognition towards others. 

Perseverance means standing firm and constant in reaching the objectives and goals proposed, despite the obstacles and / or difficulties. 

Responsibility, It is an act of maturity and moral obligation of compliance with duties, which implies efforts on the part of oneself. 

Generosity is the habit of sharing with others and taking care of their needs. Being generous is one of the best virtues a person can possess. 

Forgiveness is a virtue that allows one to recognize one's own mistakes and ask forgiveness of those who are hurt by it. Forgiveness is also having the ability to listen to the other, to recognize that no one is perfect and not to keep track. 

These are some of the many virtues that make possible a peaceful, tolerant and pleasant world for every generation. We can say that the human being acquires these virtues with the constant practice of those values that he acquires since childhood, in the family; and that later become part of the character and personality of each person. Concluding thus, that virtue is to be conscious and act appropriately in all the circumstances of our life. 

lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018

The golden hut

Many years ago, a couple of hunters walked with their dog, deep in the forest; until, they visualized in the distance, a deer feeding. The dog began to bark, and the hunters left him free, to chase the deer. Both men ran behind the dog; but in a short time, they lost track of the animal.
However, they kept running, guided by the slight barking of the dog in the distance; until they came to a dark place where  the roof of a hut had a strong golden glow. They were surprised and with a little fear, decided to approach the entrance of that hut. And they saw that the straw was made of gold. They quickly forgot their hunting of the deer, and fragmented by the gold, they decided to steal a bit of that straw.
Suddenly, a small man with wrinkled skin, big feet and a twisted nose, appeared on the golden straw.
upon seeing it, the hunters dropped the golden straw, and tried to escape. But the little man stopped them by stretching his arms, until he caught them, and with  an evil smile, he told them that anyone who stole his straw of gold, should become more gold for his roof; and in this way, increase the brightness to attract more men.
since then, hunters say that in the middle of night of hunting, they observe a strange shine in the deepest of the forest, that makes them return to their houses.

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018


Colombia is such a beautiful country, in which we can find all kinds of things from different cultures with different kinds of accents which are divided by regions and high mountains, in Colombia you can also see most of the stations since we have Many mountain areas and we also have coastal areas. Thanks to having this great variety of climates Colombia has many crops of different types, but for which we are recognized worldwide is coffee.  Colombia is also a country that stands out for its fauna and flora as there is a lot of biodiversity. This means that many campaigns are implemented to take care of our forests and natural reserves, this keeps them clean and well cared; attracting many tourists which are excited in search of knowing these varieties of landscapes. In each region you will find a different culture, perhaps with a gastronomy that looks similar but is not the same. Colombia has a good number of islands: it is the only country in South America that has a coastline in the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, and much coastline means many islands.Colombia is home to some of the most incredible, diverse paradises and surrounded by palm trees in the world of the islands. 

Barranquilla is the golden gate since it is where the development of the country enters, besides having one of the most important events of the country that are the carnivals. It can be a hot city but the best are the beaches that are there and also you will never get cold. Barranquilla has now had many changes, thus turning the other side of the city, which looks towards our river, initiating works such as the malecon, gold door events center and the monument "the window to the world" that was recently innaburated; In addition, Barranquilla was the center of the Central American games of the Caribbean, so this led Barranquilla to build and renovate new sporting venues, which were now left to all Barranquilleros for their use. Barranquilla tambein is a multicultural city, where Arab, Lebanese descendants are present, and it has a cultural identity with countries of the Caribbean, such as Dominican Repulic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, among others. Barranquilla is also characterized by gastronomy where many travelers come to the city to enjoy Italian, Arab, Peruvian, Spanish food, and their own typical food. As for music, rhythms from many countries, mainly from the Caribbean such as salsa, regue, ranchera, and their own music such as cumbia and vallenato, are also presented. In the music our pride is shakira who has achieved international triumphs and recognitions. 

I live in the Rio Mar neighborhood located north of the city of Barranquilla is part of the new development of the city and is characterized by housing located in high-rise buildings and are surrounded by green areas and shopping centers, the voullevar of buenavista, site visited by families from all over the city, and shopping centers such as homecenter, pricemart, viva. Very close is a soccer field which is used every day by children and youth from different neighborhoods of Barranquilla. Nearby is the sector of universities, such as the University of the Atlantico, University of the Norte,  University of the Libre, San Martin University, among others. In the neighborhood where I also live, there are marymount educational institutions, the Enseñanza and lyndon b, a school in which I study and which is very close to my home. It is a quiet neighborhood, nice, with good transport service and roads in good condition, in the early mornings you can see the neighbors of the sector doing physical activity, or walking their pets, in general it is one of the best neighborhoods in the city.